The banking world has never been more complex and competitive than it is today. The pressure to innovate in order to solve new customer challenges is immense, and new legislation like open banking frameworks is changing the paradigm. In addition, fintech startups are ready to help themselves to the banks' revenue.

The only way to compete, is to constantly look for ways of making life easier for the customers – solving their problems, and taking away their daily frustrations. To do that, banks need to invest heavily in customer insights, strategy, technology and innovation departments – or partner with someone who understands not only the banks' challenges, but most importantly the customers' challenges. Someone with the experience and the intrepid spirit to reinvent payments and banking.


Let's face it; the velocity of change will continue to accelerate. Progress is now primarily driven by customer expectations and digital technologies. Banks must embrace these changes, in order to grow and prosper.

Not every bank has the resources to create the world-class solutions customers demand. At EedenBull we help implement "made to measure" products and services, where the bank's own brand and customer service model is retained and integrated with cutting edge fintech solutions, using the latest technology.


EedenBull provides new and unique payment and banking programmes to fulfill identified needs in the market, leveraged on our global experience in payments and banking. With the opportunities emerging through new technologies and new regulation, we create programmes, cards, payment solutions, new operating models – and new digital tools to manage the services.

We deliver these banking-as-a-service (BaaS) products through our partner banks, enabling them to increase customer satisfaction and create lasting competitive advantages.


We are EedenBull

EedenBull is a technology agnostic fintech innovation company, built by experienced banking, payment, and technology professionals.

We help banks create new products and services to increase revenue, customer loyalty and brand affinity.

We operate globally, but implement locally.


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