At EedenBull we use our payments expertise to drive change and leverage the vast untapped opportunities that emerge from it.

Our initial focus is the B2B payments market through the introduction of our new and innovative spend management programme Q Business... but there is more to come. Much more.

Q Business® is a spend management programme that lets businesses manage their expenses and improve their cashflow more efficiently.

It offers simplicity and control through an intuitive interface. The platform empowers employees to simplify their expenses, without using their own funds or credit – and gives full control and transparency to the business.

Q iPay® allows you to pay an invoice from anyone and for anything using a credit card, even if your supplier does not accept cards.

Paying with Q iPay is as simple as buying something with your credit card, or transferring money from your bank account. Simply upload your invoice to Q iPay, check your payment details and we’ll take care of the rest.

Q VAT® automates tax reclaim for cross-border transactions. We will do all the paperwork, and pay your money directly to your account.

We will take care of the process for your customers. We will tell them when they have claimable VAT and we will take care of all the paperwork.

CPaaS by EedenBull is a cloud-native environment with a set of highly specialised commercial payments products & services.

Configured and delivered to the banks' commercial banking customers, CPaaS significantly reduces the implementation timeline and budget whilst staying relevant and competitive.


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EedenBull Advisors will offer you experience and expert advice to ensure you have covered all aspects of your plan.

Aimed at banks, neobanks and fintech operators with no commercial card programme who want to launch a card solution to SMEs as part of their customer offering.

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