Simply. Control.

Payments shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be simple and convenient for employees and management alike. And it should give the company full control over every expense, no matter where, when or by whom it was paid. This is where Q Business from EedenBull comes in. A simple and intuitive platform for managing company spend with payment cards, an app for employees – and a digital hub to manage the expenses, cards, cardholders, balances and integration with accounting and ERP systems.

With Q Business, simplicity is all under control.

Manage spend

Q Business helps businesses take more control over their expenses, while making life easier for everyone. With dedicated payment cards offering either credit or carrying a balance, each employee can make purchases on the company’s behalf without having to be reimbursed, while the company has full control over where and when the money can be spent. It’s all presented and managed in a user friendly web application.

The solution is always delivered fully bank branded. Q Business is taking commercial payments to a new level – where commercialisation of transactional data becomes key.

Real time updates of spend • Overview of spend patterns and analytics • Control & manage cardholders

Real-time transparency

The Q Business platform integrates payment cards with an easy to use app. This means that the cardholder can check available credit or balance, view all transactions, upload receipts and add crucial spend information that will be passed on to the administrator, and then to their accounting system. This is truly simplicity and control in perfect harmony.

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