Are you a bank looking to offer new and unique payment solutions to your customers?

At EedenBull we help banks create new commercial payment products and services to increase revenue, customer loyalty and brand affinity.

Unlike many ‘disruptors’ and new ‘FinTech’ companies, we at EedenBull are payments specialists and understand how payment systems work and how best to leverage new technologies to vastly improve how people and businesses pay and get paid.

Facing new competition and with profits under pressure, many banks around the world are having a hard time developing and running competitive and profitable commercial card portfolios.

Achieving economies of scale

Many banks around the world are looking for consolidation of volumes and standardising development and implementation of features and functionalities.

Having access to specialist expertise

Whilst payment products and services often becomes more and more user friendly, the product management becomes more and more complex and requires readily access to specialists in product management, in marketing, in revenue management, in IT and platforms, in legal and regulatory areas to mention but a few. Letting specialists take charge makes perfect sense.

Having the ability to innovate

Limited attention, limited budgets, limited volumes, limited footprint and limited expertise in commercial cards & payments makes many banks’ ability to innovate….well, limited.

Gaining access to systems, solutions and new technologies

It probably goes without saying; banks with small portfolios won’t be the first invitees when processors, payment schemes, FinTech’s and giant tech’s go looking for partners...

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