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With EedenBull Advisors you have access to a dedicated team of payments specialists who can support your initiatives from the evaluation and planning stages right through to a successful launch. EedenBull has partnered with PayTech Consulting to offer this service. PayTech Consulting is a globally recognised advisory firm who for over 20 years have provided expert advice and support to the payments industry exclusively. Working with card schemes, banks, issuers, fintechs, processors and corporates all over the world on every aspect affecting payments strategy and execution, we are delighted to be able to provide this expertise directly to our clients.

EedenBull Advisors will offer you experience and expert advice to ensure you have covered all aspects of your plan, and then support or manage the smooth and efficient execution of your EedenBull project.

EedenBull Advisors’ services include:

Business Kickstart

  • Aimed at banks, neobanks and fintech operators with no commercial card programme who want to launch a card solution to SMEs as part of their customer offering.
  • EedenBull Advisors will deliver a step-by-step project to go from planning stage to profitable portfolio. The project contains modules to create flexibility for issuers with different capabilities and end-goals.

Business 360

  • Aimed at Issuers already issuing commercial cards who want to energise the programme and increase portfolio profitability

EedenBull Advisors will typically divide the project into four phases:

  1. Review to assess what is in place already
  2. Describe detailed actions to improve existing solution
  3. Make recommendation, as necessary, on alternative solutions, including buy vs. build
  4. Support the implementation of chosen solutions

Q Business implementation

  • We provide the experienced resources needed to optimise the planning, integration, configuration, customer segmentation and launch of your Q Business solution. We can offer full project management or selected resources to support your own project implementation.
  • All our advisors have detailed knowledge of Q Business and commercial payments.

Analytics solutions

Q Analyser

  • Q Analyser is a powerful, yet easy to use analytics solution developed by EedenBull Advisors. It generates critical, but hard to get insight into a card campaign or a portfolio’s performance.
  • Covering a full range of use-cases, Q Analyser is set up with dashboards relevant to different users depending on their area of interest. The analytics will cover a range of KPIs for:
    • Portfolio performance
    • Operations
    • Financials
    • Risk and Compliance
    • Marketing
  • EedenBull Advisors will provide the dashboards for desktop and mobile devices, and can support the creation of bespoke analytics dashboards or reports as needed.

Q Optimiser

  • Q Optimiser evaluates a corporate supply chain with the objective to identify the optimal payments strategy for its supplier base. It provides a powerful tool to quickly and consistently show which payment option is most suitable for each supplier and will generate an efficient method to increase your cardable spend to suppliers, further increasing the success and value of your commercial card program.
  • EedenBull Advisors will integrate the solution with your transactions databases and provide the training and tools to ensure a successful deployment within your organisation.

CPaaS implementation

  • There are a number of aspects to consider before implementing a payments-as-a-service solution. EedenBull Advisors will guide you through the necessary stages to ensure a complete plan is created, then support the various stages of preparation, implementation and transition to the new environment. Our experts have done this many times before and we can offer full project management or selected resources to support your own project team.

Other related advisory support

  • EedenBull Advisors also provide hands-on support and advice on specific operational and tactical topics that will complement your own resources if needed or provide new perspectives.
  • Typical areas of support are:
    • Project management support:
      for EedenBull solutions and related projects
    • Bank staff training programs:
      for a specific topic or initiative, or commercial payments generally
    • Marketing support:
      for campaign management, best practice solutions, documentation or customer segmentation

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